Sunday, 6 May 2012

Making Tracks

Things over the past few months, have started to improve, feel easier, show sheer progress.

I still have a down time about my ex, weep into my pillow and have soppy songs on. But my heart doesnt ache as much as before, I dont cry as much as before, I don't dwell for so long anymore. Slowly, things are moving on now. And I have had VERY happy days/weeks!

My Avon business is growing, customers love me to turn up at their door, love to spend £15+ to choose from my Freebie Bag!! So my orders are over £200 now and still have more to collect! Oohh! And my team is growing! I have 7 in my team so far and hope for more.. I will soon be qualified Sales Leader at the end of this month and earn commission from them earning too!
I do love how my team is growing and hope the future for them is every bit as bright as it is for me. I will guild them every step of the way to achieving their goals and dreams

Guys..... Iv bin meeting plenty! N girls too! Have both bin throwing themselves at me! When im not interested, they dont care! When am good n ready, will go n get some! Not wen u want me!! Geeez!

After losing a stone being happier.. Got to try 2 outfits togethr for a nite out.. Wot u think??


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