Friday, 25 January 2013

Excited Muchly

since such a dodgy break up, i have ended up getting to know a guy from Kent n he seems such a good guy! 25 whichfor me is Real Young and is a chef, which is a bonus! do love to cook and to have someone cook for me is always a bonus. n he also enjoys pampering his ladies too! candle light, baths, food, massages, snuggles..... i went more than weak when he rang that off to me....!

Today we carried on talking this morning before i went to work and was wanting to carry on talking to him. butas we was talking via an pp ehich is on my iPad, i couldn't carry on the convo. So was more than excited to get home and see if he had msgd me back. i even thought maybe i should give my number so we can txt on the go.... a nice distraction is what i need at work! lol

Once i got home n straight onto my iPad n guess what??
Yes, he messaged me back! and so we swapped numbers n he started getting ready for work. after a bit he went wuiet, so i guessed he was on his way to work.. but he ended up ringing me! he fancied carrying on the chat so got describing how cold he was n bursting for a fag n the loo. in great detail! which was soo funny!! afterwards he tried to call me again but i was chatting wit my sisters so he will have to wait til after work.
"Why is it i have to work when something good happens!?" I believe he means me...

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Men, they come and they go..! Thank god they go!!

Well since last being on here, i have had a bf n got rid. I know, shouldn't be so harsh. But when you find that someone you are with is falling in love with you and you don't feel remotely the same then you split and they go into total meltdown, you soon start to be grateful you got rid! N he days i have issues... I may have some, but least i am moving on with my life. You are enjoying urself stuck in your room wallowing in self pity! I am making goals for myself and am going to get out there to achieve them! You are 34 and clearly had some sort of life before me.. But alas, you decide to be a baby about things that have gone wrong for you and ensure that whoever comes in contact is dragged with you!

I have done my wallowing and am not going to go back to that hole again! Let alone have company... So leave me a'flamin'lone and fucking move on!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Am Free

Finally feel that I am free from the heartache, love-stricken, hung ova the ex. I had a napkin he shaped into a rose years ago... I still had it til yestrday n stood out in the rain, hail n wind, I burned it saying "I'm finally over you. It's over. I'm free."

He will always be in my heart, a big part of my life.. But he will never win me back, make me feel anything more than admiration towards him. I know he was right at the time, I am better off without him. Just kind of hoped to prove him wrong! But I know that with me being able to move bk home, which is very far from him, has helped us both. Life is better now and I am a better person for it!

I bet he doesn't talk bout me as much as I probably do bout him. But he was the one who fell out of love with me, so I have more of a right to be hung up on him longer. But it hasnt even bin 6 months n already iv got over things, forgiven him for the way he stubbornly tried to tackle things, hurting me in the process and have moved on. Don't think will really know if I have moved on till I see about dating again. Which right now is a huge 'not bothred!' lol
We will see.. Time is a great healer n I have bin doing so well with my new Avon career I can now carry on doing something I love n not have commitments towards anyone else.. Just myself n family.

God I love my life!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Making Tracks

Things over the past few months, have started to improve, feel easier, show sheer progress.

I still have a down time about my ex, weep into my pillow and have soppy songs on. But my heart doesnt ache as much as before, I dont cry as much as before, I don't dwell for so long anymore. Slowly, things are moving on now. And I have had VERY happy days/weeks!

My Avon business is growing, customers love me to turn up at their door, love to spend £15+ to choose from my Freebie Bag!! So my orders are over £200 now and still have more to collect! Oohh! And my team is growing! I have 7 in my team so far and hope for more.. I will soon be qualified Sales Leader at the end of this month and earn commission from them earning too!
I do love how my team is growing and hope the future for them is every bit as bright as it is for me. I will guild them every step of the way to achieving their goals and dreams

Guys..... Iv bin meeting plenty! N girls too! Have both bin throwing themselves at me! When im not interested, they dont care! When am good n ready, will go n get some! Not wen u want me!! Geeez!

After losing a stone being happier.. Got to try 2 outfits togethr for a nite out.. Wot u think??

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Finally Free

Well, such a long time since I've blogged or even thought of writing anything! So downloaded the Blogger app so now can write as much as I like, or be able to afford to! (wap depending)

So, since splitting from my Fiancé, moving in with a friend before getting myself ready for Big move back with my sisters, nephews n their father. Then dad died 4days after my birthday. Now am settling back into Avon, started my Trainee Sales Leadership and on my way to receiving some earnings from my downline I have built in the past 2 weeks! So any UK peeps who are interested in a new Hobby, enjoy more time with family and friends and great new products, please add me on Facebook, join my page and lets work together...!

I'm also waiting for my CRB ID and be able to start my Passenger Assistant job. Looking after disabled children on transport to n from school.

Just a matter of time.. Which I don't have right now! No money = no life..!

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