Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Finally Free

Well, such a long time since I've blogged or even thought of writing anything! So downloaded the Blogger app so now can write as much as I like, or be able to afford to! (wap depending)

So, since splitting from my Fiancé, moving in with a friend before getting myself ready for Big move back with my sisters, nephews n their father. Then dad died 4days after my birthday. Now am settling back into Avon, started my Trainee Sales Leadership and on my way to receiving some earnings from my downline I have built in the past 2 weeks! So any UK peeps who are interested in a new Hobby, enjoy more time with family and friends and great new products, please add me on Facebook, join my page and lets work together...!

I'm also waiting for my CRB ID and be able to start my Passenger Assistant job. Looking after disabled children on transport to n from school.

Just a matter of time.. Which I don't have right now! No money = no life..!


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