Friday, 25 January 2013

Excited Muchly

since such a dodgy break up, i have ended up getting to know a guy from Kent n he seems such a good guy! 25 whichfor me is Real Young and is a chef, which is a bonus! do love to cook and to have someone cook for me is always a bonus. n he also enjoys pampering his ladies too! candle light, baths, food, massages, snuggles..... i went more than weak when he rang that off to me....!

Today we carried on talking this morning before i went to work and was wanting to carry on talking to him. butas we was talking via an pp ehich is on my iPad, i couldn't carry on the convo. So was more than excited to get home and see if he had msgd me back. i even thought maybe i should give my number so we can txt on the go.... a nice distraction is what i need at work! lol

Once i got home n straight onto my iPad n guess what??
Yes, he messaged me back! and so we swapped numbers n he started getting ready for work. after a bit he went wuiet, so i guessed he was on his way to work.. but he ended up ringing me! he fancied carrying on the chat so got describing how cold he was n bursting for a fag n the loo. in great detail! which was soo funny!! afterwards he tried to call me again but i was chatting wit my sisters so he will have to wait til after work.
"Why is it i have to work when something good happens!?" I believe he means me...


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