Sunday, 20 January 2013

Men, they come and they go..! Thank god they go!!

Well since last being on here, i have had a bf n got rid. I know, shouldn't be so harsh. But when you find that someone you are with is falling in love with you and you don't feel remotely the same then you split and they go into total meltdown, you soon start to be grateful you got rid! N he days i have issues... I may have some, but least i am moving on with my life. You are enjoying urself stuck in your room wallowing in self pity! I am making goals for myself and am going to get out there to achieve them! You are 34 and clearly had some sort of life before me.. But alas, you decide to be a baby about things that have gone wrong for you and ensure that whoever comes in contact is dragged with you!

I have done my wallowing and am not going to go back to that hole again! Let alone have company... So leave me a'flamin'lone and fucking move on!


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