Thursday, 17 May 2012

Am Free

Finally feel that I am free from the heartache, love-stricken, hung ova the ex. I had a napkin he shaped into a rose years ago... I still had it til yestrday n stood out in the rain, hail n wind, I burned it saying "I'm finally over you. It's over. I'm free."

He will always be in my heart, a big part of my life.. But he will never win me back, make me feel anything more than admiration towards him. I know he was right at the time, I am better off without him. Just kind of hoped to prove him wrong! But I know that with me being able to move bk home, which is very far from him, has helped us both. Life is better now and I am a better person for it!

I bet he doesn't talk bout me as much as I probably do bout him. But he was the one who fell out of love with me, so I have more of a right to be hung up on him longer. But it hasnt even bin 6 months n already iv got over things, forgiven him for the way he stubbornly tried to tackle things, hurting me in the process and have moved on. Don't think will really know if I have moved on till I see about dating again. Which right now is a huge 'not bothred!' lol
We will see.. Time is a great healer n I have bin doing so well with my new Avon career I can now carry on doing something I love n not have commitments towards anyone else.. Just myself n family.

God I love my life!


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