Monday, 9 January 2012

Mind Over Mind

Had a snooze after morning work n had a dream..

Was with ex's best friend and we was watching a movie. I asked about whether her n ex were exclusive yet. She said that they wasn't exclusive yet but were seeing each other. both just sorting their heads out over things. Then I found I was late for work. Ex come in and offered to take me to work. I went downstairs n he followed suit, I asked him how long they had been seeing each other. Before we split up? During the split? Whilst I was in midst of moving out n moving on? He told me that the wasn't seeing each other. 'She Told ME!' But he denied it all. I was fine with it till he started to deny it.. If I could see there was something there and he couldn't, how on earth can he get on with life with someone he actually suits better!?
I stormed out and he still offered to take me to work.. 'LIKE HELL!!' and then woke up..

Believe my mind is getting over the fact there could well be something there.. Even though he would be stuck in The Friend Zone.. lol
I've put many guys in that place before..


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