Friday, 6 January 2012

Time To Move On..

He has not answered my Q but has said that in his heart and head, we are doing the right thing splitting up.

As my heart has now stopped aching, I still need to know that he is not in love with me.. so I can finally get on with my life. If he still can't answer me that, then I know that he could still chase after me once I leave and make life harder to be friends with him.. I had this last relationship and I will not have it again! Will not go through that again..

But have asked him to tell me that he is NOT in love with me.. If he can't answer that then I know that I cannot be friends with him any longer. I can't have that over us.. over our friendship.

So have asked him to go through the house and place things that are mine in my room so I can stat packing up and moving out my things. All he wants he can take for himself.. Most of it won't matter to me that much.. It all reminds me of him. But furniture would come in handy. But won't lose too much sleep over it all to be fair..

Now the moving on can begin for me!


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