Friday, 3 December 2010

Has hopefully sorted it!

I have been having problems with my FireFox and Internet Explorer with freezing and cashing… I have got rid of a couple of money making pop ups that I installed to try out and atm… i have been fine.. Had quite a few tabs open some with a lot going on on the pages… And nothing really! Bit slow but they usually are anyway! So maybe the pop ups are the reason not cos my laptop is getting slow and doesn’t like how much is going on!

So now I am currently Blogging from my Windows Live Writer which I love!! And have quite a few pages open on FireFox to see how long it may last till it freezes or crashes…

I do hope that it is all fixed and can forget money making pop ups… So will just have to tend with Advertising on my blogs and writing about my Saucy Undies shop.

So what are you all up to?? Anything interesting this weekend? Anymore snow your way? We are supposed to get it bad this weekend.. So shopping is going to be done early again and then snuggle up in the front room till the snow stops falling.. Do love snow fall, so magical and reminds me of when I found out that my Granddad had died on New yrs day and it snowed then as well.. I always thought that he made it snow to say that he can finally see us all and love us more now than he could before being soo far away..

Do wish I had chance to see him and before he died. But we was all young, small amounts of money coming in and couldn’t afford to go over or fro them to come to us. But now mum is hugging Grandmother and Grandfather… Was great to finally see Grandma but it was fro mum’s funeral… She was soo heart broken that she died from it.. She always wanted to go before her daughter… Everyone wants that.. But it didn’t happen and it hurt soo much!

Right thinking that all this talk of my family not being around is not healthy… But do love to talk about how much I love them and how they love me and our family.


So I am going to go and get my head in a happier place… Ciao


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