Saturday, 4 December 2010

Advertising is EASY!!

Ihave recently started to advertise on a friend's blog and have signed up fro it myself. There has been some big changes around here and Cannot wait to explain!! :-D

So you can click the advert space provided down the side of the blog page, there you can choose a picture that has to be 125x125... I know it can be a bit of a pain but if you google something that suits what you wish to advertise... it can work out quite easily.
Then you have to join up to buy ads, sell ads or both! I settled for both as wish to sell here aswell as buy on other friend's blogs. This is a nice place to advertise my Saucy Undies and so Pay every month from PayPal... EASY!! All done for me once i set it up...

Now you can do the same aswell!! I have kept the prices down for them and if there is no more room... will add more to here! There is also my Such Is Life blog aswell you can advertise on... So give us a hand, invite friends and co to follow, advertise and we can all start to make something from our little corners of the Internet!! hee heeee!! xx


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