Thursday, 2 December 2010

Another Blog Post….

Don’t u just hate it when you think about something and want to post it, get distracted and then remember you wanted to post… But cannot remember what it was!!

I seem to get like that a lot lately.. Want to post… write something but when I get chance to, Never find anything to write so end up writing about how i wanted to write about something!!

So have figured out how to split the blog posts into summary that shows on the blog page and when you click read more >> You get to read the rest of the blog..

Hoping this will encourage people to want to read my blogs. I should start to do this on my other blogs… Especially my Such Is Life blog to encourage readers to read more! Wonder what you think of this idea…? Has it got you wanting to read more >>?? hee hee!!


I do hope you enjoy my blogs… Now i am currently writing more now.. Trying to concentrate to all of my blogs a bit more now and it is hard work! Should get paid for this!! But alas, People have to click my ads fro anything to come my way… It only takes a click… don’t have to sign up fro anything… I gain by clicks as well as traffic so Feel free to tell friends of me.. Open-mouthed smile


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