Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Bored n bit pissd!

Am layin in bed and watchin traffic cops.. Bored n bit pissd off reali..

Havent bin able to unwind frm wk since having to do a training session and having cleaning to do!
Had so much to do and it was past my time to leave work! So rushd the rest and bolted. Usuali I finish early so can wind down b4 heading hm frm wk..

Have been helping a customer today.. Hoping with the discount it encourages them to let friends know and want to come bk.. Would be nice! But guess what?!
My breath is NOT on hold! Lol! :-D Maybe sum1 fancy helping out or blogging about my site, products, services and discounts. Letting everyone know and maybe earn a little.. ;-)
Am thinking bout it so keep ur eyes peeled and ears open! X


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