Monday, 6 December 2010

Dodgy Fog N No Snow!

So this week is supposed to be cold, foggy and frosty.  With no snow till maybe the weekend… I really wanted to have a snow day sometime last week and this week from both jobs!


So can concentrate more on Saucy Undies, That isn’t going to happen anytime soon.. Shame that my website doesn’t make enough each month for me to be able to quit one job and have more time at home doing what I enjoy the most… Family, friends, fella and myself!

Although, think I could well get pretty bored.. Though, I get pretty bored mentally now at work than i do at home.. Least have something to do when at home than doing same chores at work

Sad smile

But all is not lost! I am sticking with the Saucy Undies and strive to make shopping with us enjoyable!

Also investing in advertising spaces for people to buy and advertise absolutely anything! Have a look and think of something you would wish to gain traffic on…

There is always a ‘will’ really…. hee hee!! Open-mouthed smile


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