Sunday, 21 November 2010

Have been away... SORRY.....

Soo busy these past few months... finding i have depression n anxiety.. So now started Self Help therapy... Soo want to start to leave this horrid me behind now... least catching it early enough doesnt warrent pills or worse..!

Have been enjoying my new online business Saucy Undies which I think I have mentioned on here lol!

And now we are finally showing on Google Search Engine! YAAY!! So now we can be found by anyone who hears about us... Google us and find us there! GREAT! Rigth nwo Sorting out VAT on the site.. Hoping my details come to me soon as i send forms off.. Then at least all the legal bits will be sorted and I can start to make honest earnings from the site! And not being some 'Pet Poject' hee heee!!


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