Friday, 26 November 2010

Do love this Windows Live Writer!!

I have been having problems with FireFox since it crashes alot and doesnt seem to like too much going on… So thinking of maybe sticking to playing with my blogs on Internet Explorer. Which really is a cool place to blog!! Right now the page is usually plain windows live writer… but since i have a certain theme on my blog… it has themed my writer to have my background n black page to write on!! LOL

Does look real good to write on… seeing it themed and not a plain grey n white background with white writing going on… lol Gota be good yes?
I am trying to keep positive today… but feeling quite down… think it could be cos i wanted to do christmas shopping with someone but they desided to ask someone else before i got chance to as them… it happens but really got me down that they wanted to shop with them not me… knowing i can’t do much without a car and they both have one… so will do my shopping on my own as usual… others are working… and if im buying for fella i cant do it with him around! so either see something small i can carry, or buy online… which i always do! and he moans cos i spend too much time inside… And why not!?? No1 to go out with, nothing to do, moans if i spend money… so im staying in!! being the boring git he wants!!
Right now i feel better having a bit of a rant! lol we all have to do it don’t we!? I seem to be fine after i get online n get on with it! others, find it easier to lash out… he gets on at me cos i dnt let things go.. how can i if he brings it up over n over!??

Im going now… work UGH!!


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