Saturday, 14 November 2009

Testing A New Site 2

A review of my site testing.... And its going VERY well!!

Since wednesday, I have got one person to join my downline on tickerbar... And they ahve gained someone aswell!! So technically, have 2people!! but I need 10 people on my 1st level to gain revenue from them... and thet need to do same for their 1st level. But ov got up to $0.09 now for being online and assuming soon as gaining more people on my 1st level will gain alot more!!!
I do love finding EASY ways to EARN online!!! :-D

If you haven't read my 1st blog on this, feel free to read it and check it out for yourself... And yes its real!!! Evan though your anti-virus shows the site as a red flag... I can get onto it adn so will carry on using it till I get paid!!!

More info on earlier blog called

People, I ndo delcare that I soon will gain the $90 that is needed to get payout!! Take a while but soon can happen little faster with help!!!



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