Saturday, 14 November 2009

Testing A New Site 3

It is now gone up to $0.13 and going strong!!! and having being online all day I have made a profit of $0.04... Not much but for doing nothing but turning on my laptop and letting it automatically connect to the internet... I say that is something for NOTHING!!!! LMAO!!! And all I can say is that the way things are going over the weekends... all day being on and not turning it off.. I could get up to $1.00 around 6-8days... that is just the weekends!!! as for work!!

I am on early in the morning.. from 9-11.40am then after work from 10-12/1am so they can make me extra and get me there a little quicker... but if it wasnt for my laptop being in my room I would have it on all the time and check in the morning how much it has gone up!!

Think I might try and have it on but facing the otehrway opposite my room... maybe it wont keep me awake... but last time I tried that was before I got this money making task and was back online when I couldn't sleep due to it taunting me... Whirring every so often, reminding me it's still on!!!

Keeping you up to date.. and becoming a little OBSESSED with it!! But what the hey!??



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