Saturday, 31 December 2011

Now It's Over

Well, things are now over between me and my one true love. Yeah, I know. Couldn't be as we would still be together, married by now!
But things grow distant and life has to go on.

I couldn't stay there with him. It is too hard to be just friends, knowing that it could never be the same. It is hurting both of us so I am staying with a friend for the time being, sorting out a place and job back in my home town.
Is it bad that I'm hoping he chases me and tells me those words I long to hear from him?

I don't want him to be waiting for me. Or for me to be waiting for him. As we could be waiting forever. And find that it could end up the same as right now, so best we just part ways. How hard for us both to get on with things. Didn't want things to go like this. Or to effect anyone other than us two. But it has effected family and friends.

I have kind of locked myself away from others. Just work n friends I'm stopping with see me around and that is it. Really don't need others wanting to help me, showing sympathy or support. I need to find my own way through this and at the moment, I think I'm doing so-so.

Time will tell. Do love you, long for you, miss you, in love with you.


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