Saturday, 10 September 2011

Fancy A Fantasy.... or 2!

So... a friend wanted to know a fantasy of mine... and thought it would be nice to let out some of  my nice ones!!

Fantasy One
White, thick, shaggy rug in front of a Log/Coal fire with lights off.. just the glow and warmth of the fire.. Rolling around naked, touching, caressing, kissing, feeling, heat, cold, heavy breathing, sweat rolling.. Having a woman teach me the one thing I cannot learn on my own... With my Hubby To Be watching in the shadows, knowing he is there but not seeing him... blood flowing, swelling, aching... gasping for air yet deeper than ever..

Fantasy Two
Out in a bar with my Hubby To Be, spot a hunny and walk over. Get chatting, touching, checking. Looking over, seeing hubby To Be watching, biting lip, wanting more..
We get drinks in, laughing, whispers, naughty looks... Dance floor calling. Intense beats,


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