Monday, 26 September 2011

Busy with my website and thought it safer to have the weekend off. Think it best being Spoilt rotton! LOL So today will get back onto it once again..

If you fancy having a look at the FanPage feel free to do so. Here is where all our featured items and Sales are also posted. Really do want my little business to thrive and prosper - but with the recent economy being as it has been, really is hard to get the foot in the door. But do need to get some sort of regular customers in. Even if they may not be really regular but often enough to enjoy the custom and pass the word along to others it could work out quite well really!

Am wanting to give up the Lingerie and Fancy Dress and keep the adult items and add perfume and Make-Up maybe. So if ou fancy being my first reviewers then please feel free to purchase items from the site and give a review. Good or bad is all needed to be fair.. though, good would be great! lol
Also looking for someone who wants to be admin on the FanSite or Blog to write and post about our sales. Just same as have been posting on our FanSite so people can see the item, savings and the link for the item. And to post it on the blog for followers to read more about the item/s.

Well, hav e been pretty busy recently, business, life in general really lol! Will post about my weight issues on my Blog for all to read more. Have been a teeny bit naughty.. :-(

So our 7 years together is finally hit! goodness really has been THAT long since he come over to meet me for the first time. We was so connected back then andwas like we hadn't seen eachother for years! When we hadn't seen eachother before! Wierd.... Like it was yesterday thinking back ot that day. God feel old! lol

Well, should get some sleep.. have work in the morning and never sleep much during the night. More during the day.. lol


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