Tuesday, 19 July 2011

What is Wanted In Life

So we all want things in life so it isn’t so bad to be a little demanding really is it..?

Well Right now I am saving up for our wedding again and it will not be touched! I am also saving up in 2 other accounts for emergencies and also adding money to my O2 cash card for pleasurable purposes. Which should start to mount up for when we finally have a weekend holiday together soon.. Can’t wait for that sow e can have some well deserved ‘us’ time together.

I hope to be able to soon use the cash in the 2 accounts savings for wedding if needed and maybe for our own place when we start to look. So in need of moving out now I have grown out of being with the parents and soon want to be one myself and can’t do that when we live with mother in law. So plans are in effect. Money is being saved and emergency cash is also being gathered for any events like my father suddenly leaving us I can then get over with enough to give him a well deserved send off. Sad to think of but really do need to get money together so not scraping together  for it.

He is more than ready for moving out now being old enough to struggle through life on his own when he was younger and now with the job he has he loves it but really can’t hold a home together with just his cash coming in. Mine I could help out with most of it and be able to save as well. So while I still can, will save as much as possible and get together for the big Bill!

Ugh so bored n fed up of being here and never getting an answer for the wedding to get started.. Sad smile


Will i have to wait forever!?


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