Thursday, 21 July 2011

Shock Of My Life

I was walking home from work.. and 15mins away from work, a guy walked past me. Looked the Spit of my ex Sunny..! I even looked behind me as he past me and he had tight women’s trousers he always wears and that wiggle too!

I just fast tracked it home and just had to try and get over it.. ish!

I mean, what would he be doing here!?? Why here of all places…? Did he remember where I would be..? how did he know where i had moved..? If i HAD moved! Why would he be here..?

If it is him…… Looked very much like him.. I do hope that it wasn’t him… really don’t want him coming into my life now.. or ever to be fair.. it ended with him splitting from his fiancée and telling me throughout his relationship with her and after that he missed me, wanted me and loved me and would give it ago again if the chance come again. Texting and ringing when he was drunk all hours of the night, especially when I would be with my Fiancé. I really do hold him dear to my heart and care for him deeply.. but he was destroying his life and wanting to have a part of mine as well.. so I had to say my goodbyes to him over the phone as I was on ly way home from seeing my fiance.


I do hope that it wasn’t him. If it was, he will show up again and again.. Need to try and not think about him being around and then if he does show up I can deal with it then. If it never happens then I know it wasn’t him. What does he want if it was him..?


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