Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas Cooking

I have not cooked for Christmas fro a loooong time now… Living with the mum-in-law to be is a bit of a pain but can enjoy her cooking instead of me! Sad smile

So I have thought of some nice ways to help her with Christmas cooking…

Become is a Online shop for all your comparison needs. I looked up something that could be a nice Christmas present for someone who loves to cook a lot , who seems to need to clear out their cooking utensils and also could do with new materials to help them with their everyday cooking lives.. So found these 3 pages


Prince Castle Sauce Dispenser

Marshmallow Sticks

Shaped Cake Pans


These should be great ways for the budding cook enthusiast or the total novice to try new ways to cook and create the ultimate dish for all the family will love.

I do enjoy cooking myself and always find myself trying different ingredients in a traditional dish to spice it up, make a new dish all together or just to use up left over food that has to be eaten soon. For my cooking skills I do owe that to my mum… She loved to cook absolutely anything… And ensuring we was safe, she let us watch her in the kitchen. Myself and my sisters loved to watch her cook the Best tasting foods and we never turned our noses up at anything until we tried it.


And for this I truly thank her fro making us very excited about food, enjoy cooking and eating, also ensuring we want to try anything once with excitement.


Thank-You Mum xxxx


Khai Minh said...

Cook is such an interesting work especially after a working day. I like seeing girls in cooking cloths and demonstrating her cooking skills. :)
Wish you had had a joyful Xmas and become an excellent cook with your mom-in-law's support.;))

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