Friday, 17 December 2010

The Best Week!!

For the most part, it has been quiet and uneventful…

But I had the best sleep Wed night and woke up to be in the best mood!! And even though today I didn’t get the best sleep, I am still in a good mood… Schools are finishing today and Hoping to hear from the nursery today… Do hope so as Don’t fancy waiting till Monday and ringing them up again about it…. It makes me seem desperate, which I am, but also might put them off wanting to take me on.

But right now… Currently trying to see if anyone who wishes to share their experiences and link to affiliate sites can do so by becoming a writer on my blog… But right now… It is hard going! But am determined to get some help… Even if i ask others to help me get help! LOL

With the fact I am getting into Freelancing, I am really wanting the weekend to be here… But with the time to myself… I don’t always find something to write when I really want to post something meaningful!! LOL Should get onto my Blogsite But right now… currently searching through some bits and then going to chat for a bit… Fancy It…?


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