Thursday, 6 May 2010

Getting on with it!

Iv just gota get on wiv life 4nw... Am so bord of my jobs but nw set up blogging via email can blog thru my mobile! Nw i got it bk! Lol
My dream job is bk in a nursery n no1 wil giv me a chance! Reali wana buy a nursery n b set up 4life! Dnt hav 2do much just keep money flowing n standards high and money will flow my way!
Got ISA and savings sortd nw 2get payments in them and interest paid 2me monthly! Reali wana get sortd so can quit job n neva need 2go bk again! Casual is fine 2while away the odd few hrs n enjoy sunsine n time 2myself!


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