Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sorry!!! Been too long!! Busy....

Sorry i haven't been on lately.... have been busy with earning online and out of the house... LOL

So what has changed!??

I've been to see family and friends, had friends over, got a new car, interview Friday just gone... new supervisor, someone i used to work with at previous job!!
set up Isa and savings accounts, started to do online banking which is soooo much easier with the fact i dnt get chance to go town with work and enjoying time off! LOL
Got into my Wii cardio workout... VERY ADDICTIVE and i seem to be getting some progress... then had 2weeks off with not being able to get on the tv... mum-in-law off work.. so no tv.. no Wii!!
But all good though... i gained again and not losing it again!!


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