Friday, 4 December 2009

Christmas Bug..... It's BITTEN ME!!!!!

I've officially been bitten and VERY excited about christmas....!!!
Presents nearly all bought, wrapped and ready for people to open!!!!
I cant wait for christmas!!! 1st one with fella, been together over 5yrs and finally have my 1st christmas with him!!!
And to think that now I've moved in that I would be EXCITED about christmas!!! Being able to afford to kind of says it all really!

But I'm more excited to go see family in new year... got lots of presents for them to unwrap!!! And think its more than fella's got !! But got to think that I've got to pay friend who booked tickets for Bon Jovi concert in June over £100 so he's ahs the smallest present, yet the biggest if you get me...!!!


Lily said...

oww i hope you'll have a great christmas!!!

i've been with my bf for 2 years and it's always either he's going away to visit his relatives or i'm going overseas with my family. I want to spend a white christmas with him for once, the heatwaves here are killing my christmas spirit!

BabyGirl1985 said...

wish we had white christmas'!! All we have are cold wet ones!!! LOL

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