Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Shopping Sorting...

Need to sort out what I can get online adn what I can get from shopping in Ipswich.. Really I shouldn't be posting this INCASE fella has found this blog and doesnt want me to know that he knows!! But I doubt it!!!

I've got £80 on O2 cash card, £100 in bank and £40 on me.... And will be paid next friover £300 to play with... So I now need to figure out what to get online and get later than usual... Payday before Christmas is on the 21st dec.... cutting it fine really so hoping to get alot of peeps things sorted before then... think alot of things will get on that date from shops in town... more than ordering online... if having to will order as soon as it hits friday...

Wii resort - just ordered for £31.89
Mentalist DVDs - pre order... so won't get it till after new yr... :-(
Mythbusters DVD - ordered £4.93 from Asda
Sony Ericsson w595 vodafone
LG cookie kp501
cheap webcam
pooh shake n rattle
cars n planes - Asda
£20 voucher - boots
Normen Wisdom DVD set £25 HMV now £17.99!!! ordered

Think that its time for bed... Shouldn't be shopping online at this time when have work 2moz... but its only time i can do it without fella looking ova my shoulder...


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