Thursday, 19 November 2009

PayPal..... As A Savings Bank!!!!!!????? :-S

Yes you read right..... With money coming in slowly but surely... Using PayPal as a Savings account is the best option!!!

Money from my small schemes like here and TinkerBar etc. will only be tiny amounts and this will become even smaller with them taking a cut!! So if I use it as a Savings account and wait till there is maybe around £20+ then maybe there is a case I could save up a little more and deffo have more to play with. That 'Extra Cash' I've longed for on the internet!!!

I've also invested in an O2 cash card... And using that for Christmas shopping coming up soon... If that is topped up every pay day with £10-£30 or maybe more then can afford to splash out and not worry about my overdraft and know that limited to what is on the card and nothing more... Also having money stashed away on it can help me to balance some other payments also!!

WE all get those... Especially at this time of the year... Money not stretching from you account... bills overbearing.... Overdraft not cutting it!!! and loans are just a major headache!!!!!
Where this card comes in!!! There are 2 types,
Cash Manager - One for me
Load And Go

Cash Manager is like a current account...
  • Transfer spending money from any bank account on to your card
  • Spend it on the things you like the most - almost anywhere that takes Visa
  • Keep track of your spending with free real time balance alerts sent to your mobile
  • You can never spend more than what's on your card.
  • Exclusively for O2 customers
  • Is free to get and use for payment in the UK
  • Use Budget Calculator to work out what you can afford to spend
  • Manage your card online
  • An annual limit of up to £10,000 as long as we can verify your details
  • Use it as another way to top up your Pay & Go mobile
With a limit of £10,000 can be help on this card... It's GREAT for me and having things to pay for!!! As soon as I get paid on Friday, Can turn on Laptop, Log onto O2 and top up my card INSTANTLY!!!! And don't need to fuss about getting up to go to the cash point and do it there... although, that might be an idea if you ARE there... But it is GREAT!!!

Load & Go is more like a quick account...
  • Load it up to £1,800 a year by:
  • Adding cash at over 20,000 locations across the UK : O2 Shops, PayPoint & E-Pay
  • Using a debit card online
  • Spend it anywhere you like - online or in shops, almost anywhere that takes Visa
  • Get free real time balance alerts sent to your mobile, whenever you add, spend or take out money. 
  • Exclusively for O2 customers
  • The card is free to get and use for payment in the UK
  • Use it as another way to top up your
    Pay & Go mobile
For this account you can top up most places in town.. So you can be out and about and top up.. But this wouldn't really work for me as want to put as much as I can on it and know will be safe for when its needed... Like for Christmas or wedding!! So having The Cash Manager for cash convience and knowing can use it as a Visa card rather than just Debit... Its more of a SHOPPERS card!!


Lily said...

paypal is def a great place to store your dollars. but not so safe if you're a merchant, a few months ago i received a credit card chargeback from a customer "claiming" item was not received.. without my permission paypal deducted over $200 from my account.. after i provided them with evidence of postage. pity.

BabyGirl85 said...

gutted!!! neva knew that.... but they do find ways of getting money back... and bet the person who got it was chuffed to get his package aswell!!! Would never ger into selling things using paypal... bad enough buying over internet.... lol x

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