Thursday, 19 November 2009

Gomez PEER n TinkerBar Update...

As you can imagine was off last night but on all day today and all night till now... Early hrs of Thrusday morning.. Should go to bed but....!!
Gomez PEER has reached $0.08
TinkerBar has flown to $0.41..... Guess who is winning!! And Hope to GOD it pays out!!! Hang on got to find out minimum pay out for both of them!!

Give me 2Secs!!!!! :-D

TinkerBar minimum pay out for US residents is $50 But for others it's $90... $30 more but gota be worth it!!! And take forever!!!!!!!!
Also, once you hit this target it takes 60 days from requesting payment..... :-S

PEER minimum is $5 and processed on the 1st of every month - set date!! And if you have under this amount it willl roll over to next month until you do have enough to cash out... But do warn you that paypal charge for every withdrawal... So best to keep money in til it's built up!! MEAN aLOT!!!!


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