Saturday, 7 November 2009

Last Weekend Hol

I have been having such a great time with family n friends that I am dreading the last weekend here. Loving nephews, sisters, dad, friends, going out when I want to... knowing I can afford to!! LOL But things at home are improving aswell!! Fella is going out with friends without me... Wierd fro him but enjoyed it!!! And it will happen more often!! He prefers to either be with me or at home... And I'm opposite... With or without him it's nice to have time away from him with friends.. He knows that its healthy!! He doesn't really see it but... getting away from the computer and being out with real flesh people, He doesn't go bozz eyed looking at them!!
Hating my skin... It clears up and then flares again and I itch and dry up alot... Then will get greasy. I use exfoliating scrub and cleanser and moisturisers and toners... Things can work and then skin will react and it wil stop working so have to try something new... Cant win!! Total Pain In The ASS!!!! :-P


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