Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Seeing family n friends bk home.... Loving it and missing my fiance back home.......
Kind of missing things like....

Internet.... well BroadBand!!! I've got a dongle that loses signal every so often!!!
I love my new nephew!! nearly 2weeks old and has put on nearly 8oz already!!!
And he looks JUST like her mum!!! And I love how much my Nephews are growing up!!!

Father is still going strong.... Unsure that he will make it though, but he WILL walk me down the aisle!!! I will PUSH him down if I HAVE TO!!!

Im soo happy to be back with the family n friends I love and miss so.... And fiance is SOO great about it all!!
Slightly paranoid but I can get over it... Hope he can also, cos I will be visiting them often and he can come if he wishes... might not be able to afford to. But I will visit with or without him...
No doubt about it.


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