Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Time..

Well, had our Christmas Fair this weekend and even with it being Sunday, it was very busy! And some of the ideas we may have in our heads about what to get for whom, may not work out too well. Confused smile

shopping 3


So have been doing quite well with Avon for my first Campaign. Am quite pleased to find that I have been able to get some customers. Many if not al of them hadn’t had Avon for a long time! And were happy to find that I was doing it so they could be able to order again from home.

So hoping to be a loyal Avon Rep for customers to enjoy shopping with me, advice, parties and more.. Which we all want from our Shopping Experience. Do you know of anyone who has had good experiences with Avon and any Reps come to their door? Would love any feedback or ideas you may have for a new Rep starting up..


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