Thursday, 10 November 2011

Avon Connections

Yes, you read it right the first time.. Avon is now connected to TopGadge! Whoopy!

So feel free to check out the main brochure and clearance brochure Which is a must being so close to Christmas!


When you are browsing the virtual brochures,

  • Note down the order numbers of the products you wish to buy and how many of each you want
  • Email with the order details along with your address that you wish the order to be sent to.
  • We will send you an invoice for you order and the total amount at which it will be. This will be sent via PayPal –
  • Send payment via PayPal and we will soon have your order sent straight to your door..!

All from the comfort of your home. No opening the door on a cold, blustery winter day. No stranger at your door and no paperwork to write out! So we can save trees, time and money…

Feel free to contact us for any questions on our products.


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