Thursday, 20 October 2011

Christmas Bonus..? Yeah Right!!


Well, Have started to get Christmas Shopping started, a little late than last year, but never  hour go..? the less – have got started. Shame that money is going to be tight, as well as working around Gym twice/trio times a week, Brazilian Hair Treatment 5ht Nov, Few nights out and day trip to London… Oh, and going to Family’s for Christmas Which will be more cash to fork out..!

There is not enough time in the year to get enough money together to be able to afford things!

I am excited for one Christmas present to come fro my Other Half.. Won’t say what it is in case he reads his.. All I’m going to say is… I want one myself! Might see about getting myself one as well.  I know my sisters would LOVE to have one too! Just no fair I have to wait for it..! Maybe try it out before wrapping it for him.. Winking smile NAHHH!! Couldn’t do that to him really.. He wouldn’t do that to mine..? Well, he says he wants to but the seals are always tight on them..

So time will be changing soon, so will have an extra hour in bed/out drinking! heehee!! Soo love it when the time changes in winter rather than summer. Gain an hour extra from somewhere rather than losing it! I’d much rather find it than lose it again!

‘Now where did that hour go..? AHAA!! THERE YOU ARE!!’

Well, should be getting some shut eye – Always buzzing at the moment, think will be like this till after new year.. when things settle back down and not as busy with savings and spending like mad for one special day of the year.. OH GOD!!!

It is my little nephew’s 2nd birthday on 24th! EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!! Present n card on way! Confused smile


The Dolls Factory said...

christmas gifts in october? you take this very seriously :-) I never shop till few days before.
great post
keep up the wonderful work you are doing here
come and say hi
Always Following&Commenting
The Dolls Factory

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