Monday, 28 February 2011

Party Time!

Well, had an eventful day! Friends were doing an Avon style cosmetic party.. Was enjoyable. And when people were leaving, chatted to host about having inland revenue coming round to teach n help me with tax etc. and the other guests that were just leaving heard me and all were inquizative!
So told them wot I sell and instantly grabbing pens n paper, demanded web address n if I do parties!

Wow! I just apologisd to hosts of the party and they didnt mind n wanted to have a party too!

So, it looks like the design for tops, bags etc will come handy wen hosting the parties! And so to games! There are many and have found prizes! And ultimate award! Check out the blog for more info!

Looking forward to it and with wanting to have others hosting also, maybe starting with myself, can see how I want it to go and let others know how to go about it.. Ahh! :-D so excited that they want me to do a party for them! Will be expensive buying my own starter pk but it will be worth it!

Cant sleep now, want to get started but no cash, no products = no party! But at least getting ideas down for wot to get is a great start!



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