Thursday, 24 February 2011

Destroying The Relationship

I am being the most selfish person and seeing that I am driving my other half away, is not the prettiest thing to see!

I ask to be distracted as my head is making shit up, he asks what it is going on in my head, and then says it must be about him, it always is him! But it wasn't.... Till he said that! So now he is paranoid and I am too! But he sees it as me always thinking anf feeling that we are drifting apart and him cheating on me... Which is true.. I also wonder if it is cos I am unattractive to him as well as the constant para about everything and anything!?

I have thought all night and morning about this and I am basing it on sex.... It is the first time I have gone fro this long without his strong embrace and with the idea of waiting being sweet at first, I am slowly going mad!

I really do need to start mending things between us... and stop doubting things, us.

Althought I have now accepted that we are soon to be over and will start to make plans to find own place etc..... horrid thoughts but if it means that the hurt for him is over... I will let him go for loving him too much.


*Miz suz * said...

Aww! Babes, not a nice place to be for the both of you...
*big hug*
but i am not surprised you think you are unattractive to him and you may no longer feel attracted to him... Well he did cheat on you that will do it every time! Don't blame yourself hun for him cheating, even if things between you were strained before he cheated it's no excuse...

The trust has gone that is the hardest to get back...

but if their is the smallest chance you may be able to work through this (if he still loves you) and you sound like you still love him and if you think your relationship is worth saving then go for it... if not then go your separate ways as amicable as you both can... you both need to know which way your paths are going, don't drag out the pain, the quicker the better for you both.

I wish you both all the best for the future what ever you decide.

*Hugs you both*

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