Thursday, 27 January 2011

Potential Earner

Have been looking into my Adult Range on Saucy Undies.. And orderd sum catalogues to have a look and maybe distribute between friends.

I think if I was to send to a few of them, with my cards to give out also, it cud start sumat off! If it seems a hit, wil look into ordering more. Then maybe subscribing for personalised catalogues.. And u neva know, evan getting sum party organisers, kits etc. Shouldnt dream really, wud be great! Instead of wanting to be able to make more from something that might be a waste..

Its the only thing left that I enjoy working on and cud well work out to be a legit earner! Sent tax request forms off.. Wait and see really! Hoping just having code will do it for me.. If not, gota learn how to do it manuali and such. No gud wiv all that. Hence, the whole, I wud Never own my own business!

Could not resist! :-S

Rita H.


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