Sunday, 9 January 2011

Busy Catch Up…

I have been trying to adjust to the routine of bed early and up earlier!! but as yet it is not working… still up till gone 3am and then up at 7am for work… back for a few hours, kip and then back out to work till 8.45pm then up till 3am again..

So going to be shattered over the weekends… as this weekend have been up till 4-6am and then bed till late in the day and kipping during the day as well… so will be up till late tonight.. Not good! But least my earning online life is doing well’ish’ hee hee


Now found that my website has gone down… no reason why… I can’t log in, visit it or even get access to my emails! What has gone on!?? I have emailed the admin to help me out and hoping they can help… do hope it is technical faults… and nothing too bad! As will be very upset if something BAD has happened!


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