Saturday, 11 December 2010

Still after Writers

So I have been wanting more friends and others to write on my Cash 4 Writing blog and Hunny Central, a lass… there doesn’t seem to be anyone interested…! Now why would that be…??


Well all I can say is I will just keep asking, wait and see really! Now adding more of my blogs to and do enjoy having a look on there for fun and querky blogs. Check out my profile on there and see if you would enjoy featuring yourself on there also!


You have to check out this Channel I found today…. =3

Also my friend is now featuring her very own channel as well! ♥Beautilicious'


They are fun to follow… My friend hasn’t started to post anything as yet… but she is getting there.. I am wishing for her to post some ad spaces on her blog as want to advertise on there!! But she still hasn’t got around to it… So will look elsewhere I think… Confused smile 

Do you know of anyone who fancy being a writer or have a blog and wish to advertise on there and earn a fee each month…? Advertise Space is the place to go!!! Please ensure you click on Buy and Sell ads… This is to ensure that you can buy advertising space as well as sell space on your blogs and websites.

So please let me know when you have installed the Advertise Space and I can then advertise on your spot… Providing you have followers, readers and write often. If you havent written that recently, people don’t actually read it regularly and therefore adverts won’t be of any use to the person buying the space…and so will pull out and you will lose money..

Am thinking of setting up an advertising blog page… Have most of the page with adverts and have as many people as possible to write on the blog also… Could do that with Cash 4 Writing really! Although atm haven’t got anyone reading it yet… or writing! Just me……


Right… off for a shower, Drink and then out fro the night! Busy tonight… Neices school play and then Bday party… So i have to make myself pretty… Not too much to do really!



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