Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Going To Take FOREVA!!!

I have just been carrying on with updating my website and seen how much I have left to do!! I’m so glad i thought of starting it early… Like Few days ago early!! Wish i had started it beginning of Nov or better… Sept!!! But a lass, Hadn’t thought of starting it at all till a week ago… And it is going to be a long month!

So had another customer and payment and delivery went better than before! And quite proud of it too! Though it was easy I am not holding my breath too long…

For I am happy atm, there may be something to happen that will change all that! It seems to happen to me more n more… Thinking negative again! Even if i feel it is true… i know deep down it isn’t really! Got to snap out of it!!

Right… in the middle of trying to set up Google Base… whatever it is… Seems it is something that can boost my revenue and post my website out there more… So complex i can see why people just pay £200 to have the site sort it all for them!

So I am going to carry on working… Even though it is 1.25am… Not good!!


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