Thursday, 29 July 2010

Breaking down

God I hate this feeling!!! Wanting to curl up and die!!!

With things looking worse for me as regards to work and my income halved, I couldn't do any worse!!! BUT KIDA HAVE!!!!
Having no-one to go out with at weekends I feel soooo alone right now!! And fella has picked up on this!! MAN just wana go out n meet peeps!!! LOL Think night life around here isnt as ope to chatting as it is in stafford... And its all new to me here so kinda have to be more cautious around me...! Not a nice feeling having to keep an eye open around you when all you wana do is have fun and get to meet peeps! but it's all good though.. just got to get used to this new place nightlife wise and see how it goes I guess...

evan if my friends who I know through my fella don't wana go out... Which most don't... I will go alone... Have a bottle of bubbly waiting for me at a club since FEB!!! so will drink that and head bk hm... If meet new ppl, and get along will hang with them for a bit n go... if they wana do it again, give number and head off lol iv done it all before tbh.. and know when ppl wana blow me off... n if they genuinly wana hook up again! So it's a case of let's Get Partying!!!!!


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