Friday, 14 May 2010

Thinking since had 2 1/2 hrs free!!

Been thinking alot 2day wot am gona do wiv my time and my life. Since i started my nvq childcar i knew i wanted 2work in a child-friendly environment. So 2b unable 2get bk in2 it is devastating! And being treated like unappeciated shit!!

So wot am i gona do about it?!

Sat got time 2myself 2get rm sorted, town 2get steaks n boots i found 2day, surf net 4info on nannying and then get in contact wiv sum parents! Get ball rolling!

Think of 1person that mite want my services but unsure how 2get in contact. Daft i know but its a parent of a child my fella used 2take 2school. Cant remembr name! Will tlk 2fella bout it all in more detail later. Dnt wana get bk 2wk but havnt got long til hm time! Then food n bed!

God i love bedtime!!


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