Monday, 10 May 2010

Bored n getin depressd n its all work related!


I hate my jobs! Both of them!! They aint wot i traind 4 and i do dodgy hrs aswell! Up at 7am start at 8am finish 9.20am ish. Start again at 12pm finish 2pm. Start again at 2.25pm ish finish round 3.45pm. Start again at 4.30pm finish 8.30pm n bed between 12-1am! If not later! Dnt wana go bed as wil hav 2go work wen i wake up!

Just want 1steady job! Sumat that i dnt do shifts so hav hrs in between 2kill! Unless is paying rite and can go hm n bk quick! Wudnt mind reali.. Anything at the mo is better than burning the candle at both ends!

So tired!!


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