Friday, 8 January 2010

Starting Again!!! 2010

A new Year.. new decade!! Got to get my Arse into gear with things... Bills to tend to, Weight to lose... Getting my act to gether is harder than 1st start... and SO SLOWWWW!!!!!
But at the mo its getting there. Bills being paid slowly with each payday, unsure of weight but going to start my healthy shopping with fella this sat... WEATHER permitting!!! LOL
started to put petty cash to one side for my nephews to put into their blue piggy banks i got for christmas... I might not see them as much as I used to living with them but they will get some cash to put in there... Eldest lovde my huge JELLY jar of a jelly baby so had to get him a bank to put some pennys in. And not really tiny pennies... But 20p's and maybe few 50p's aswell... collecting alot of 20's though and jelly jar is gettign heavy with them and my 1p's n 2p's.... they are mine by the way!! LOL


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