Monday, 14 December 2009

Latest on GomezPEER And Tickerbar

Has been a while since I blogged about these sites I am currently checking out... But here are the figures..
TickerBar = $2.50
GomezPEER  = $1.00

And it is slower than predicted... Seems that with GomezPEER there is a payment rates page and it shows..

This the current rate schedule for the Gomez PEER program. For the definitions for any of the terms shown here, please consult the glossary. These rates are subject to change in accordance with the current terms of service. Your earnings may not reach the maxiumum amount shown.

Online Time Payments (per day) $0.08
Processing Time Payments (per min.) $0.0002
Referral Bonus (per Active Referral) $1.00
Min. Monthly Payment $5.00
Max. Earnings per month $45.00
End of Cycle 2009-12-31

So for GomezPEER, this shows that it is the slower of the two and may take some time to reach payout... As for TickerBar.... Get there in half the time!!!


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