Sunday, 15 November 2009

Found Another Site... !!

This site is great just like my site testing!! At the moment I am pending verification... but downloaded the application and waiting for the money to start to roll in!!!

This is another great way to earn just having computer or laptop linked to the internet... No website link up needed!!!
With this site you have to be approved which can take up to a week or more... Hope not too long!! But excited to have it up and running!!

The application, unlike the other one, has a cool little bar showing how much you are earning, how long you have been online, how much you have earned and little bits like.. finding your account details on the website.

shame that the other application doesnt have it as have to have the website up to see how I'm doing... but at least that was more instant to start counting cash.. Must be earning more with this site as been as it has a counter and you have to be approved!! What do you all think!??

:-D money!!!!!


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