Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Focused.... More Bored!!

Seemes I'm obsessed with this new money making scheme I've gotten into... And should be just playing as usual!!
I wake up and Laptop is on... Get back from work and.... Laptop is on... Should just keep it on and make sure its set to stay on not hibernate and cut off the internet link. As it won't carry on counting! :-( I am going to keep it on tonight and changed setting round for it to stay on... And will see how it goes during the 'morning' now...! Really should get to bed...

Now started to blog don't really want to now! Love to blog soo much that once I start have to carry on!!! And seem to better at it when tired and just time for me to go to bed! Always the way... Got loads to write buzzing around my head and NEED to get to bed!!

Shopping in Ipswich begging of Dec for christmas... Mainly for fella... But have alot for family to get aswell.. Dad has alot already just needs wrapping.. Got to get belated bday presents done also... All fun n games ea!!! LOL
Christmas is here, as far as preperation goes. And being able to afford to buy things again I cant wait to get to family n friends in new yr n give their presents to them and wish them a second merry christmas... My nephews will get the second christmas day that I have had for 4yrs now and sn will have my 5th this yr... but my 1st with my fella n away from family... Going to rip my heart to bits being away from them for the VERY 1st christmas... And not the last either... Sad I know but it will happen and visits will be often as possible!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!!

Right, BED WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

Like I listen to myself!!! hehe!!!


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